Dresden Files

Mundane matters

A slow start to the week after Sebastian was called away on family matters, not much to do except to enjoy the hotel suite… Well we would have until we got a phone call from Dolf to meet him at his bar, as we may be in a spot of trouble.

We get to the bar to meet what can only be described as a thug in a suit, a less tasty version of a pig in a blanket. Turns out he may be fairly important in one of the eastern European mobs and that our actions have tended to make their life unprofitable and that if we broke someone out of jail our life would go much more smoothly. Evan accepted on the condition of a medicine exchange, the others agreed in return for money I believe.

As we left Tibor stayed behind drinking until the bar closed and then drank some more until the cleaning lady turns up. One thing leads to another and the bar is set on fire as the cleaning lady is interviewed on the news about how her quick thinking saved the bar owners life as this crazy guy tried to burn it down… sooner rather than later the police release a sketch of Tibor

What’s the plan to break the guy out of jail that’s a good question as Evan and Mireille go to visit Pepe’s (THE GUY TO BE SPRUNG) lawyer. Turns out the guy is solid and all we can get is that there is no court date and the name of the DA/judge in charge of his case.

In the face of sensible planning with Tibor and Mireille Evan hops on a train to Almere buys a suit and pretends to be a new intern at the court building. Splashes some coffee on a fellow intern to flinch their swipe card and into the court Evan goes to find paperwork. He approaches a lady to give him said paperwork but then he remembers he knowsnjack shit about the form that he needs… so he makes a sob story which doesn’t quite convince the lady to give him the paperwork… and in a fit of kleptomania he glamours the lady’s cheek to turn green… He then runs to the paper work and steals the correct form completely by accident.

Evan retreats to a quiet place to update Mireille and sheinforms him it is forging time as she has a plan to put that paperwork to good work as her research has come up solid.

I am not really sure what Tibor came up with other than working out the most effort efficient way of turning this mess into a massive gang war.



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