Evan Crowley

The first knight of Elegast


High Concept: The first knight of Elegast
Trouble: kleptomaniac
Aspects: curious occultist; fairly fairy; sneaky Git; I got a deal for ya; let’s wing it

Physical: 3
Mental: 4
Social: 4

Superb: Lore; Deceit
Great: Conviction; discipline
Good: Presence; Burglary; scholarship
Fair: Rapport; Stealth; Endurance
Average: Investigation; Weapons; Alertness ; Atheletics

Friend of the fae (-1): When using contacts for the fae use lore instead
Pick-pocket (-1): Use Deceit to perform pick-pocketing
Document Forging (-1): Use Deceit to create fake documents

Supernatural powers:
Borrowed Faerie Magic (-4):

Marked by power (-1): When dealing with the magical community +1 on all social roles, but people know I am the representative of Elegast.

Minor Glamours (-1)

1 Refresh point left

1 focus item (comes with channeling): +1 offensive & defensive discipline on faerie magic evocations. It is a signet ring bearing the mark of Elegast.
2 more focus item slots are free.


- Character most immediate and important relations (Parents, spouses, siblings, mentors, friends, etc.). Please name them as well.
The most important one will be Elegast (my faerie patron) as Evan is his favored mortal servant and the fact that we are in a sort of feudal relationship. The original bargain would be that Evan would be his voice in the mortal realm for the next 20 years. So far Evan been working with Elegast since he was 16 about 12/13 years.

- Current state of the relationship (good, bad, strained, distant, nemesis, etc.)
With Lord Elegast, very good. After Evan returned from the dig site with the artifact that he wanted he granted Evan a share of his powers. In return we are playing a bigger role in local politics. Plus Evan is his fav. mortal. We are also on good terms with Summer, Elegast is not a vassal of summer but is a friend.

- Knowledge level of the relationship (in the know, in the dark, suspecting, etc.)

Elegast is clearly in the Know :)

- Approximate age, gender, race, culture of your character
Age not sure, I would say looks like late 20s but has spent so long in Faerie he could be older, could be longer as time is different there. Male and British (no its not me :D)
Culture I am not sure what you mean but I am quite high class, not wraith level wealthy, but my connections in the local supernatural community keep me up there.

- Reason why he/she is in Amsterdam
Elegast’s realm spreads across the whole of the Netherlands, different wings of the castle go to different parts, i.e., throne room leads to den haag etc. So why not pick Amsterdam on whim. Evan can only leave the Netherlands when ordered to.

Also as it is important to know what Evan’s boss wants. Elegast is a bit pissed at the falling importance of the fae. Unlike Summer and Winter he has no treaty that could stop him interfering in local supernatural politics – so his current drive is to bring back faerie influence in A’dam as much as possible; as the current faerie presence in the city is summer, Evan can’t act against summer and carry on drawing on Elegast’s power. Also, as Elegast is a thief in the original poem he likes Evan to collect the occasional item and the nature of the mantle means that Evan also likes to collect the occasional item though this aspect has only recently started coming through.

Evan Crowley

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