Dresden Files

Resinging the Accords

Spinhuis, Amsterdam

The Unseelie accords will be resigned this evening. As soon as the accords are resigned for Amsterdam, the local libraries will once again be considered Neutral Ground.

Let us know if you bring a plus one on the RSVP.

Hosted by

Ric Bosman, Warden of Amsterdam

Evan Crowley, Ambassador of Elegast

Sebastian Duikhuis of the White Court


- Winter: Queen Mab or her representative

- Summer: Queen Titania or the local Fairy Noble Such as Lord Belton or Lasswen

- The Wild Elegast or his representative

- The Wild Irminsul or his representative

Special Guest
- Sanya, Knight of the Cross

other invitees
- Frau / Mw Zwarts
- Tibor alias Eric Julius
- Jonathan van den Brink
- Mireille de Richemont

RSVP was answered by Robert Logher of the blue council despite not being invited.



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