Dresden Files

Mundane matters

A slow start to the week after Sebastian was called away on family matters, not much to do except to enjoy the hotel suite… Well we would have until we got a phone call from Dolf to meet him at his bar, as we may be in a spot of trouble.

We get to the bar to meet what can only be described as a thug in a suit, a less tasty version of a pig in a blanket. Turns out he may be fairly important in one of the eastern European mobs and that our actions have tended to make their life unprofitable and that if we broke someone out of jail our life would go much more smoothly. Evan accepted on the condition of a medicine exchange, the others agreed in return for money I believe.

As we left Tibor stayed behind drinking until the bar closed and then drank some more until the cleaning lady turns up. One thing leads to another and the bar is set on fire as the cleaning lady is interviewed on the news about how her quick thinking saved the bar owners life as this crazy guy tried to burn it down… sooner rather than later the police release a sketch of Tibor

What’s the plan to break the guy out of jail that’s a good question as Evan and Mireille go to visit Pepe’s (THE GUY TO BE SPRUNG) lawyer. Turns out the guy is solid and all we can get is that there is no court date and the name of the DA/judge in charge of his case.

In the face of sensible planning with Tibor and Mireille Evan hops on a train to Almere buys a suit and pretends to be a new intern at the court building. Splashes some coffee on a fellow intern to flinch their swipe card and into the court Evan goes to find paperwork. He approaches a lady to give him said paperwork but then he remembers he knowsnjack shit about the form that he needs… so he makes a sob story which doesn’t quite convince the lady to give him the paperwork… and in a fit of kleptomania he glamours the lady’s cheek to turn green… He then runs to the paper work and steals the correct form completely by accident.

Evan retreats to a quiet place to update Mireille and sheinforms him it is forging time as she has a plan to put that paperwork to good work as her research has come up solid.

I am not really sure what Tibor came up with other than working out the most effort efficient way of turning this mess into a massive gang war.

Groundhog day

The accords signed and much partying later it seemed like a nice Sunday. No rain for the first time in months. A nice relaxing day.

The warden of Amsterdam received his latest update from the White Council highlighting the latest white councils passwords and latest global most wanted as his little sister ran off to buy a new TV

- a Bokour in New Orleans (Louis Lalauire)
- A refugee chronomancer (Shadya Fayza Darzi)
- Possible red court spymaster (Emine Terzi)
- Chris Tunison low level white council member and possible traitor.

Mireille was making her way to her office to be met by a guy calling himself ‘Gary’ who created a less than legit aura which was confirmed when he paid Mireille in petty cash to spy on Rick, as Gary was worried about the guy who ‘broke my nose with a building’.

Sebastian found a lovely new house to stay in until his Aunt returned to the US.

And the poor murder of a Japanese tourist by the name of Nakamura Akiko

A nice Sunday all round (except for Nakamura)…well it was the first time around, and then the second…by the 5th it was just annoying.

At least tracking down the chronomacer got faster and faster each loop. The gang followed down the lead of the chronomancer to a refugee center only to find out she wasn’t there…instead they caught a pick-pocket from Rick’s past not that she was aware of it past being punched in the back of her head. At least a family of refugees was put up in a 5* hotel room for the next week. It was also revealed that Mireille can speak Arabic!

Then it looped (again, bloody annoying) and a new plan of tracking down the chrono-magic withing alarm clock geiger counters tracked down pools of magic along the route of the ley line when it was diverted. No chronomancer but a pair of swiss tourists who are now flying back to swiss-land business class!

After no loop and the day finally turning into evening, the gang called it a day as magic is well hard. Oh, and Rick’s little sister may be a bit supernatural herself.

Resinging the Accords
Spinhuis, Amsterdam

The Unseelie accords will be resigned this evening. As soon as the accords are resigned for Amsterdam, the local libraries will once again be considered Neutral Ground.

Let us know if you bring a plus one on the RSVP.

Hosted by

Ric Bosman, Warden of Amsterdam

Evan Crowley, Ambassador of Elegast

Sebastian Duikhuis of the White Court


- Winter: Queen Mab or her representative

- Summer: Queen Titania or the local Fairy Noble Such as Lord Belton or Lasswen

- The Wild Elegast or his representative

- The Wild Irminsul or his representative

Special Guest
- Sanya, Knight of the Cross

other invitees
- Frau / Mw Zwarts
- Tibor alias Eric Julius
- Jonathan van den Brink
- Mireille de Richemont

RSVP was answered by Robert Logher of the blue council despite not being invited.

For a penny more

It had taken some time, but after a couple of weeks Sebastian’s new club was finally finished. This of course was cause for a party that only a White COurt vampire can throw. No expenses were spared: the cheapest champagne on ice was Crystal, and the world’s number one DJ had cleared his schedule to play some tunes. Ladies and gentlemen in various stages of undress and inebriation were crowding the dance floor, grinding their bodies against each other. Naturally everyone received an invitation to the opening and showed up. At one point during the evening Johan spotted a large, black man eyeing him with interest. When he eventually approached him the man introduces himself as Sanya with a thick Russian accent, and tells that he is here especially for Johan. He might have a job for him in the near future and is wondering if Johan would be available. When Johan answers non-committingly the others arrive and start chatting up Sanya as well. The rest of the evening ends in a blur when wodka and caviar is ingested with fervor.

A few days later Johan is fixing his WWII ham radio when the door bell rings. On the porch stands Sanya who asks if Johan is available for this job he was telling him about earlier. It appears that there is a man in Amsterdam who might be in possession of an item that is incredibly dangerous. According to Sanya’s sources this man is planning to sell this object and he needs to know who it is being sold to, and when. Since Johan knows the city, Sanya wants him to help him shadow this man. When Johan asks for more clarification regarding the dangerous object, Sanya explains everything: how there are 30 silver coins that Judas received for betraying Jesus, how a number of Fallen angels have managed to tie themselves to these coins in order to gain access to this world who are called Denarians, and how someone handling one of the coins gets fully dominated by such a Fallen. He further explains about the Knights of the Cross, how he is one, and their mission in stopping the plans of these Denarians. Upon hearing this Johan agrees to help Sanya in whatever he needs.

Meanwhile, Mireille receives a phone call from .. asking her if she is available for a job for Dolores. The job entails that she brokers a deal regarding an important object. The PA does not know the exact nature of the object, but just wants Mireille to do the prelimenary meeting to establish threat and perform a risk analysis. The meeting is planned for tonight at 11 at the Jaagpad underpass at the Nieuwe Meer. Mireille agrees and calls Evan and Sebastian to accomapny her.

Early in the evening Johan and Sanya arrive at the house of the man than Sanya wants to shadow. Johan immediately recognises this as the residence of Adil Akchaa, the arts dealer that the group had dealings with after the bombing of the Noord-zuidlijn Expo. It is not long before Adil exits the house, mounts a baby blue Vespa and drives in the direction of the city center.

Deathwish - III

While Johan ponders what to do with the package, Melissa floors the gas pedal. But before she makes much headway she feels the wheels of the truck slip from under her. A large puddle of water has mysteriously appeared resulting in the truck aquaplaning and going into a spin. With difficulty Melissa keeps it under control and manages to stop it from keeling over. Meanwhile Sebastian notices in the rearview mirror that Vito crawls out of his vehicle and is moving towards a parked Esso petrol truck, while Evan sees a couple of winged figures heading towards them. Johan tries to open the package, despite Mireille’s pleas and warnings not to.

It takes a few moments for Melissa to restart the truck and in that time the heroes see that Vito has climbed into the Esso truck and that the flying figures are mosquito-like creatures with a tail that ends in a pincher not unlike that of a scorpion. Even immediately suspect them to be another type of Fomor.

Sebastian climbs out of the passenger window, onto the top of the truck to intercept the creatures, and manages to outright kill one with a powerful roundhouse kick. However, another one stings Sebastian with its tail, and he feels a potent poison coursing through his veins. Mireille then decides to arm herself with a monkey wrench and screwdriver and also climbs onto the roof to assist Sebastian.

The creatures keep coming, but together they manage to ward them off. Johan climbs out from the back and positions himself in the passenger seat in an effort to shield Mellisa from any incoming attacks. But while doing so he opens himself up to an attack and is hit in the back by a pincher. Johan starts frothing at the mouth, but an angel must be riding his shoulder, because he quickly regains his composure and hits the Fomor back with a spanner, killing it instantly.

In the mean time Vito has gained ground and manouvers the fuel tanker next to the truck. He tries to ram it, but Sebastian valiantly jumps onto the hood of the tanker and punches a hole in the engine to try to grab the fuel lines in an effort to halt the vehicle. After some fumbling around he pulls on some wires and triumphantly the wind shield wipers start wiping. Vito is now seriously pissed off and tries to ram the truck once more, but makes a miscalculation and in stead veers off behind the truck while it speeds up to get away. Evan takes that opportune moment to nudge the truck some more with a push of Force, and once again Vito’s vehicle keels over, ripping the fuel tank and spilling a trail of kerosine behind it.

cool-truck-2.jpgWhile Sebastian aptly tumbles away, Mireille decides that Vito can’t get away this easily and also jumps on the hood of the tanker. She stabs him in the eye socket with a screwdriver through the wind shield, but even that is not enough to stop the juggernaught. He grabs Mireille by the arm and wrenches the screwdriver out of her hands. He looks her in the eye with a maniacal grin, and says: “Why are you fighting me? It won’t be long before you’ll be as desperate as me. We could explode together.” At that time the fuel tanker catches fire and Mireille uses the opportunity to wriggle free and jump away from the burning vehicle. While she runs away she hears Vito shout after her: “I just want to die! Why won’t you let me?”, at which the truck explodes in earnest.

The other pick up Mireille and Sebastian and quickly drive away from the scene, before any security show up. But when Sebastian looks in the rear view mirror, he sees a figure step out from the burning wreckage and briskly walk away.

Deathwish - II

Vito was just barely through the door when Schiphol’s security sirens started blaring. The troupe knew that they had only a few seconds before armed personel would show up en masse. Sebastian found a blind spot from the security cameras and when they reached it, Evan conjured up a veil that would not only make them invisible, but would actively dissuade someone from noticing them. Not a second later seven security men with automatic weapons enter the floor and start searching. The heroes (?) make use of the situation and quickly slip away through the just opened doors.

On the way back home the news is already reporting on a possible terrorist attack at the Netherland’s international airport. In the following hours the news include reports of four individuals who have broken into the baggage area, and an eye witness that giving profiles to the police. The news also shows blurry pictures of the four heroes that were taken from the security footage.

contract_ledger.jpgIn the mean time the team investigates Vito’s house. They find a sparingly furnished apartment, but no Vito. No personal items anywhere, but Evan sees a household safe and manages to crack it. Inside there is a notebook completely filled with codes and dates. Several codes have been circled, and the date of the last circled code is two days away. The codes turn out to be flight numbers, and the last circled one is a Pakistani Airlines flight from Karachi, expected to arrive in Amsterdam at 12:30AM.

The next 36 hours are used by the team to prepare for another visit to Schiphol airport. A task that has gotten infinitely harder now that Holland is in a state of alert for terrorist attacks. They find out that the Karachi flight is due to land on runway A202 at which point it will immediately taxi to the offloading area where a team of cargo handlers is transporting the cargo to customs. Sebastian also finds out that there is a package on the plane that is in his name, but one that was not ordered by him or anyone on his staff. Fearing that this may be a set up by an overly ambitious family member, he is now even more dedicated to finding out what is going on. He buys a few tickets to get the group behind customs and Evan spends this time getting some excellently forged ID cards for the team.

Innsmouth_Look.jpgWhile Evan is wandering through the streets of Amsterdam waiting for his contact, he is halted by a strange fellow. Although appearing mostly human, there is something off about the man. He is over six foot tall, with a wide mouth and tiny nose. There is a faint fish smell coming off him. When he speaks it is in slow, deliberate sentences with a heavy drawl. The man introduces himself as Speak, in service of Lady Eithne. He urges Evan to stop investigating Vito, and to make sure that his companions do the same. Speak makes it clear that not complying to these wishes would be very unhealthy for Evan.

When Speak disappears into the crowd Evan immediately summons the Cheshire Cat hoping to find out more about Speak or Lady Eithne. Upon hearing that last name, the cat’s eternal grin vanishes and Evan sees a definite shudder. Cheshire has heard of Lady Eithne, and never in a good way. She’s Fae, but she’s as old to the regular Fae, as the Fae are to humans. When asked whether the Lady or Elegast would be the more powerful and win in a fight, Cheshire answers with a question: why would they fight, seeing as they are quite chummy to begin with. With that he takes his offering and disappears to Fairy.

32 hours later the troupe is heading for Schiphol again. En route Sebastian gets a call on his mobile. It’s his grandfather, who wants to know why Sebastian’s face is plastered all over the news. This is not keeping a low profile, and if he is not doing something to make this go away, his grandfather makes it clear that there would be no future in Amsterdam for Sebastian. Promising everything that his grandfather needs to hear to be satisfied, Sebastian and the team continue their way.

images.jpgEntering Schiphol and the tarmac was not such a difficulty after all. With their bought tickets and fake IDs they easily get through customs. Then, with the same veil that Evan used earlier, they slip behind the stewardess overseeing the boarding of the plane, and casually walk down to the tarmac. It then takes only an hour’s walk to get to the baggage offloading area. The lorries are already being loaded with the cargo and, after making sure the correct package is loaded, Sebastian seduces one of the truck drivers to get away with him in her truck. Evan, Johan and Mireille get in the back. Just as the girl wants to drive away, her co-driver Vito returns with her cup of coffee. Sebastian sees Vito and urges Melissa to step on it. With screeching tyres the team moves away, but Vito grabs another truck and pursues. Evan performs some epic magic and manages to force one of Vito’s wheels to jam, resulting in his truck to scissor and keel over. Meanwhile, Johan tries to find the package that this whole ordeal started out with and finds it. Removing some of the security tape shows a big yellow and black warning symbol.

Novel 4 - Deathwish
Meeting the enemy

Several weeks after the guys handed over the locket to the White Council, life is business as usual. Sebastian’s club is almost rebuilt, Johan has nearly completed work on the 1969 Ford Mustang, Mireille has been busy doing the odd security job and Evan has mostly been lying low, trying to avoid the attention of his patron. So far he has succeeded. Almost two weeks ago Ric has left Amsterdam on White Council business. No one has heard from him since, but everyone expects him to turn up again sooner or later.

It was the end of the day when Mireille received the call of a Securitec representative. The company has been given the task of cleaning up all recordings that were made of the bombing of the Noord-Zuidlijn Exposition Center. It seems that Securitec has found new information and would like Mireille to come over to see the footage for herself. She agrees and calls up her comrades to go with her.

When they arrive the are shown a recording that was made at a nearby gas station, a few hours prior to the explosion. The footage shows a hooded figure walking away from the Exposition Center, along the canal, towards the camera and carrying a sports bag. However, since the camera is panning left to right, the figure is not shown in full detail. What the crew is able to make out, is that the figure is most likely a man, judging by his gait, and that at one point in the recording he has dropped the sports bag, probably into the canal.
Even though the event was recorded more than 6 months ago, Johan still suggests that they should investigate the scene, since they have nothing else to go on.

Once there they quickly find the spot that the camera recorded. There is no sports bag lying in the grass, so it has either been moved, or dropped into the water. Evan summons the pixie Marble to ask if he has seen anything at the water’s edge 6 months ago. Marble recalls that there was a figure who dropped something in the water, but when he flies over the water to show Evan the approximate site, he is attacked by a tentacle that suddenly shoots up from the water. It is clear that some creature is lying in waiting.


Sebastian calls up a former lover of his, Cela. She is a marine biologist and has access to a remote operated submersible. When she arrives she almost ravishes Sebastian and starts to work on operating the ROV. On a remote display it shows that the water is very dark and visibility is next to nothing. However, at about four meters depth, it does show a leather loop lying on the bottom of the canal. At the same time the camera on the ROV jumps sideways, as if being hit by something heavy. From the surface the group can see the water starting to roil and the ROV is making loud, grating noises. The camera suddenly shows a large, bulbous eye that is attached to something chitinous.

Realising the ROV costs hundreds of thousands of euros, which would get Cela into big trouble of it got destroyed, Sebastian jumps into the water. However, in stead of rescuing the ROV, he goes straight for the leather loop he saw lying on the bottom of the canal. Visibility is next to nothing, but in the head light of the ROV he does see several long tentacles wrapped around it. Assuming the creature is busy with the vehicle, Sebastian quickly grabs the leather loop and with a sharp pull releases it from the canal floor. At that point he feels a sharp, burning pain in his neck and his body goes almost completely rigid for a second. With some effort he manages to keep control of his body and with a strong kick he pushes himself against the canal floor and propels himself upward. Once up he throws the bag on dry land, but manages to get stung again by a tentacle. His friends lift him up from out of the water and notice several deep red marks on his skin, as if he was stung by a large jellyfish. Evan suggests that they may be a subset of Fomor, an ancient, water based race of Fae that have been absent from the earth for millennia.

When things have quieted down again, the crew investigates the bag. There is not much to find: a few broken electronics, that Johan suggests could have been used as detonators, an almost disintegrated business card that reads BAG Construction, and an embroidering of the Alitalia logo on the bag itself.
Feeling tired and wet, the troupe decides to go home and clean themselves. In the downtime Mireille asks some of her contacts to cross reference names from Alitalia employees to BAG employees. There is only one name that pops up: Vito Salleri, a baggage handler at Schiphol Airport.

The group decides to confront Vito directly at his place of work the next morning, but not before Sebastian has someone have the ROV recording edited so that he is removed from all frames that can become public. Then Cela is sent on her merry way.

At 6Am the next morning Schiphol is already very busy. In the crowd it is hard to spot Vito, but then Mireille sees him entering the employee entrance. She calls out for him and when Vito sees her, he immediate starts to run. Mireille is just in time to keep the door open, after he escapes through it, into Schiphol’s baggage handling hall. Sebastian quickly pursues him, trying to stop him with an lightning quick kick in the head. However, Sebastian finds to his surprise that Vito is almost as quick as he is, and manages to stop him dead in his tracks by delivering a round-house kick to Sebastian’s face in response, and Vito runs away again, towards a security guard. Vito starts to grab the guard’s gun.

201407301545203390_cont.pngIn the meantime Evan has Veiled Mireille, and he and Johan also start to pursue Vito. Mireille rushes past Sebastian and grabs her knife, while Sebastian gets up on his feet again and jumps toward Vito with the intention to jump kick him in the chest. Vito is prepared though, and manages to grab Sebastian’s foot and wrenches him to the floor again. This is the opening Mireille needs and gashes Vito’s arm with her knife. Evan summons a huge blast of Force and manages to pin Vito, the guard and Mireille against the wall. Suitcases and bags fly open and cover the entire baggage handling area in underwear and flip-flops.
In this commotion, Mireille’s shirt becomes undone and her necklace is briefly visible. Vito’s eyes grow huge. “You?” he froths. “Where did you get that, bitch?” When Mireille explains that she found it he laughs. “It more likely has found you,” he cackles. “Why are you not insane yet?”
The sight of the necklace seemed to give Vito a new wind, and he wrestles free from Evan’s Force hold, grabbing the security guard by the neck and dragging him with him, towards another security door. And despite another skull shattering blow from Sebastian to Vito’s face, the baggage handler manages to escape through it, leaving the group with a hall of conveyor belts in chaos.

Novel 2 - II

After Sebastian had sated his hunger he found several messages on his phone saying that other establishments of his family where also attacked by the same creatures.

Sebastian, Mireille and Johan agreed to meet up at a restaurant in the city center to discuss what was going on and who was responsible and what it is they might be after. They agreed to call in the local wizard to see what he might know.

Mireille called Rick, over a really bad line, to meet them at the Central Library after closing time for a consultation. There was much surprise that Mireille, Sebastian and Johan all knew Rick like there was only one wizard in Amsterdam. After a bit of wrangling Mireille paid Rick 300 euros to look at her amulet with his sight to see what special about it. Rick had a very disjointed soap-opera image of an old woman turning young or a young woman turning old.

The discussion turned to asking if this amulet of Mireille’s was what these people were after. However, a Irish guy (tall, green tinged skin) came up behind them telling them that this was not the amulet. Cormack offered a bargain telling then who was interested in the amulet in return for a promised to turn a blind eye in the future. Sebastian agreed and was given an address for a building in China town.

Rick tried to open a way through the never-never to spy on the address to find that it was warded. After this the group thought it was a good idea to return in the morning.

And that they did. Rick took the lead in his Grey cloak to talk to the manager of Chinese health/cultural centre. They were taken upstairs to see the assistant manager. After an initially pleasant conversation even though they all refused the drink that they were offered. However, this soured when Rick made the blunder of not knowing who he was talking to in an official capacity, the lady was not impressed with this percieved insult. She decleared herself to be Kim Taehee the second of the jade court. After which everyone was a bit taken aback. She declared that she did not order any attacks on them but that the amulet that they seek belongs to them but says no more about it. There was also talk about a pair of creatures who used to be jade court but are no longer considered to be anything but animals. Also to correct the insult in another way when Johan mentioned about things looking human, Kim dropped her flesh mask to reveal a very mummified creature with long claws for names. Taking both Johan and Rick back…a lot so much that Rick jumped backwards out of his chair. Kim said that the court would be very grateful with the heads of the creature.

They soon excused themselves and Sebastian received a message with a time and GPS location of the pickup stop where Dolf was meant to meet his employer.

Both Sebastian and Rick were surprised at the lady declaring herself to be the Jade court as Rick thought that they were a myth while Sebastian knew of them but very little. Sebastian tried to call his grandfather to find out more but while Sebastian got through to his grandfather’s PA he was unable to answer because he was summons to Chicago. Rick had more luck with his mentor. She confirmed to him that the Jade court were real and that they had signed the accords. The reason why Rick didn’t know much is that they have never had much of a pretense in Europe and she was worried about the political problems that a new front in the Vampire War and that they should play nice to stop this. She did say that ivory might be useful but that she was not sure.

In the 12 hours that they had to prepare for the meet. Sebastian, Rick and Mireille broken into a museum in Leiden to steal ivory tipped weapons. Rick was very smug with himself was carrying out a legendary piece of magic. To open the portal directly into the part of the museum where the ivory was kept. Johan also used his contacts to get a hold of two flash grenades.

The meet takes place in the cargo port of Amsterdam. At a particular cargo container.
They turned up 2 hours early before the meet. In the time before the meet Sebastian attached C4 to the side of the container. Though a quirk of fate, the exchange started early and the group tried to bluff. They handed over a box containing ivory billiard balls to one of the two gentlemen at the meet. When he opened the box; he was not impressed as the box went sailing towards Rick’s head who countered by summoning up a heavy mist.

Novel 2- I

One night the houses of Sebastian, Johan, and Mireille were broken into by several ruffians. Sebastian and Mireille interrogated some of the ruffians who tried to break in. They were told that they work for a guy named Dolf. Mireille left one wounded but able to call for help, while Sebastian dressed one in a tutu and left him tied to a lamppost somewhere public. Johan cased then out through stubborn pestering about calling the police. When they left he chased them on his bike.

They all turned up at Dolf’s biker bar. After Sebastian gave Dolf 20.000 in cash Dolf told them that he was employed by someone to break into their houses to look for some old books and strange jewelry. He promised to give a call when the client tries to arrange the exchange.

Soon after Dolf agreed Sebastian received a call saying that his family’s club (club air) was being attacked. The group then high-tailed it over there on Sebastian’s boat. When they arrived they found the club on fire with some people left inside. They rescued those inside and fought monsters who looked human but with long claws and slight mummification.

After being forced out of the club by the fire fighters; Sebastian was distracted by his hunger. While Johan was trying to take an unconscious lady to the ambulance she woke up and started hissing at him and walking away. Johan and Mireille followed her and struggled with her to see if she was OK. They knocked her out and put her back in the ambulance.

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