Shadya Fayza Darzi

Bloody annoying chonomancer


Physical Description: 5’4”; 110lbs; 20-25 years old

Alias: Sally Darzi;

Hangouts: spotted moving through refugee camps in Eastern Europe; likely she will stay with various Arab (Syrian) communities where possible.

Known associates: none

Method of Operation: Broken 6th law of magic (Chronomancer); possible breaking of 1st law (paradox)

Responsible Warden: Simone Talbot

Date first spotted: 01/07/2015 (Damascus); 1/11/2015 (Tirana)

Particulars: No other known magic; has avoided apprehension twice; possible limits on how far she can move in time

Warnings: Paradox; must catch before she is aware of you;


Shadya Fayza Darzi

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