Sebastian Dijkhuis

House Raith Playboy Fixer


Template: White Court Vampire

High Concept: House Raith Playboy Fixer
Trouble: Dysfunctional Family
Aspects: Spoiled Brat; Manipulative Bastard; Not all Bad; Callous indifference; Bent on Revenge

Superb (5): Resources, Fists (+2 damage)
Great (4): Discipline, Presence
Good (3): Stealth (-2 difficulty), Deceit, Athletics (+1/+2 sprint)
Fair (2): Contacts, Endurance, Might (+1 grapple/+3 lifting)
Average (1): Alertness (+4 initiative), Scholar, Guns, Lore

Supernatural Powers
Emotional Vampire (-1) – Lust/Passion
Human Guise (0)
Incite Emotion (-1) – Touch only
Feeding Dependency (+1) – Affects all Inhuman powers
Inhuman Recovery (-2) – Catch is True Love
Inhuman Speed (-2)
Inhuman Strength (-2)

Lethal Weapon (-1) – Hammer Blow, Fists Weapon:2 vs unarmored, Weapon:1 vs Armor:1

Physical: 3
Mental: 2
Social: 4
Hunger: 4



Sebastian was born into luxury and ignorance like most of his ilk. Pampered by his mother and mostly ignored by his father, he was blissfully unaware of his heritage. He grew up sheltered and had a pleasant and happy childhood. This caused him to be oblivious to hard realities of the world.

That came crashing down hard around him when he was twelve and his mother died suddenly, after which he was quickly sent off to boarding school. There he learned that his status together with his “natural” charm and a healthy dose of deceit could get him almost everything he wanted.

In his adolescence he was shipped off to Oxford where he did more partying than learning. During one evening on his second year his latent abilities burst to the forefront, the ensuing orgy enveloped his entire dorm and at the end of it a young a promising bright student lay dead in his bed. That is when he found out his father wasn’t as uninterested as he had seemed. Within a few hours his men took over the entire dorm. The whole situation was quickly covered up and he was summarily whisked back to Amsterdam.

From the moment of his awakening Sebastian was taken into his real family. He currently lives in a sumptuous mansion on the Van Eeghenstraat on the edge of the Vondelpark. He’s doing charitable work and public relations for the Raith family. Recently his work took him to the Bijlmer where he witnessed a plane crashing. With the eyes of the media on him he made a quick calculated decision that dashing in to save people would really do his public image alot of good. There he met Rick and Crowley who were also trying to rescue as many people as possible. After some shenanigans in the Neverever they managed to pull countless survivors from the rubble. Afterwards he was struck with an alien emotion, ever since he has been doing alot of introspection and stepped up his charitable work.

People and contacts
Albert Dijkhuis: Sebastian’s father
Harro Dijkhuis: Patriarch of the Raith family.
Penelope Kroes: Organizer of many charities and his personal head of PR.
Lesotho Family: Survivors he has pulled out of the rubble in the plane crash, has been secretly keeping an eye on and supporting them ever since.

Sebastian Dijkhuis

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