Sam Koopers

Pubescent latchkey weredog



High Concept: Pubescent latchkey weredog
Trouble: Loyalty to my loving mother
Aspects: Child’s eyes didn’t see the full picture. Clay ready to be molded. Always a spot to hide. Pre-teens are invisible. Adult morality is confusing.

Physical: 4
Mental: 2
Social: 2

As boy
Superb: Alertness
Great: Survival
Good: Investigation, Scholarship
Fair: Stealth, Rapport
Average: Athletics, Might, Fists, Endurance

As dog
Superb: Alertness, Stealth
Great: Athletics, Survival
Good: Might, Fists
Fair: Investigation, Endurance
Average: Scholarship, Rapport

Supernatural powers:
Beast Change (-1)
Echoes of the Beast (-1)
Human Form, regular Joe (+1)
Inhuman speed, dog form only (-2)
Claws, dog form only (-1)

4 Refresh points left


Growing up, Sam had a lot of things going for him. His mother was a well-paid architect, and his dad a Irish expat businessman, and their stability and love created a cozy environment in their home in Amsterdam Zuid. Sam was a bright kid, doing well at school, and he gained a lot of friends with his easy personality.

A few years ago, his family went through a night of terror when there was a break-in in their home. Although Sam doesn’t remember much of the details of that night, he knows his family was saved by the intervention of an unexpected hero, a motorcycle gang member named Ric. Although they thereafter refused to talk of that night, Sam’s parents became friends with Ric.

That night must have had some unspoken toll, however, as the relationship between Sam’s mom Manon an his dad Trevor slowly degraded, and shortly after Sam’s last day of grammar school, they decided to get divorced and Trevor returned to Australia. Sam watched helpless as his loving home environment was torn apart.

To make matters worse, Sam’s 12th birthday summer brought on a number of physical changes. His school and parents had prepared him for the strangeness of puberty, but not not the shock of one evening finding that he could completely contort his body into other shapes! Within the space of a few painful days, Sam discovered that he was a weredog, able to turn himself it to a tall lanky Irish wolfhound at will.

In emotional turmoil in the face of all these changes, Sam kept his problems from his overworked mother, began going out at night, trying to find some explanation for what was happening to him. His memories haunted him, those of a night of terror so long ago, and he sought out Ric, who might be able to explain his memories.

On his search, a sleek car streaked by, and Sam was distracted by the scents and aura emanating from it. They tugged at the core of his pubescence, and in his confusion of these feelings, he was slow to react as the car struck him. Sam is certain he would have died, but yet another confusing this happened. An unseen hand stroked his bloody fur, shocking him with the contact, and Sam had the energy to drag himself to a hidey-hole to recover.

A day later, he had located Ric, and returned home to face his mother’s loving concern. Since then, with Ric’s help, Sam has been exploring the streets of Amsterdam at night as a dog, always careful to return home before his mother notices he’s gone. He has learned skills he never thought he would need, and things about his home city that most will never know He sees Amsterdam as his territory, to be defended.

Sam Koopers

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