Mireille de Richemont

Immortal combat expert


Sabersuit.pngHigh Concept: Ageless Herald of War (Drawn to Conflict)
Trouble: Addiction to violence
Aspects: Mysterious mother, only true bonds are between comrades in arms, cannot fully connect to others, thrill seeker > addiction to violence, Heart rending loneliness—, Money alone cannot buy true Loyalty

Superb: (+5) Endurance

Great: (+4) Weapons, Athletics

Good: (3) Alertness, Guns
Fair: (
2) Interrogation, Contacts

Average: (+1) Investigation, Survival, Discipline, Scholarship, Deceit and Driving

Base refresh level 8—


2 daggers
2 rondels
2 short swords
1 rapier
2 fist bucklers
1 buckler

Fire arms
2 colt peacemakers
2 glocks

stores elsewhere:—
sniper rifle

Motor cycle outfits
- one leather racing suit grey and lavender with Suzuki logo
- one normal motor cycling suit pants and jacket for all seasons
- several pairs of blue and black kevlar jeans and one sturdy leather black jacket

3 motor cycles
- Suzuki GSXR 1000 (racing cycle) colour scheme: grey and lavender
- Moto Guzzi California with extra large fuel tank (touring motor cycle) colur scheme black and red
- Moto Guzzi V40 with modified engine (small light motorcycle) colour: army green


Fate-Stay-Night-Male-Saber-Wallpaper-1024x640.jpgMireille was born in the 1702 CE. Her father Matthijs de Richemont was a wealthy Merchant of Huguenot descent. Her mother, Regina van der Molen was a wealthy widow and adventuress when she met Matthijs at a party thrown by one of his business partners. Mireille received an excellent education. Her father wanted her to become a merchant or a scholar and to marry a powerful man. Mireille craved a life of action like her mother had before she married her father.

When Mireille was sixteen she disguised herself as a man and joined a militia along with her best male friend Johannes. He was like an elder brother to her. Eventually he died while saving her life. ( > Aspect: The only true bonds are between comrades in arms)

After Johannes death, Mireille became an extremely reckless and cruel mercenary for about a decade. She weaned herself from her bloodthirst eventually she saw how certain old comrades turned away from her ( trouble aspect:— thrill seeker > addiction to violence)

Despite her father’s immense disapproval, she remained in contact with both her parents until they died in a shipwreck when Mireille was 25. Her father’s body washed ashore a few days after the disaster, but her mother’s body was never found.

In the years preceding her parents’ deaths, people had started to remark how Regina and Mireille looked more like sisters than mother and daughter. Mireille had tried to persuade her mother to reveal more about her past when she was a teen but her mother had always dodged her questions. ( > Aspect Mysterious mother)

Mireille used her inheritance to travel the world and always found herself inexplicably drawn to places where war and major conflicts were about to break out. At times she took part in armed conflict; in other instances she was merely an observer. As the years passed, Mireille noticed that she, like her mother, remained a woman in her prime. If she sustained injuries they would not merely fully heal over time, the scars would first fade and then completely disappear. She was not immune to infectious diseases, but she always recovered even if most people around her would not.

Mireille hides her condition by living in any given place for five to ten years at most. Every three to four decades she will pass herself off as another of her own descendants. She has consulted doctors and scientists occasionally on her condition without revealing her true age. They were never able to find anything unusual other than that she was in extremely good shape for her age. (> Aspects: Cannot fully connect to others & Feeling Jaded )

She met Johan Visser in Afghanistan. They were able to escape a Taliban ambush. Afterwards they had some drinks and talked. Mireille misspoke and unintentionally revealed that she is much older than she seems. It felt good to connect to a fellow fighter again (Aspect: Loneliness)

A few years before our adventure begins, Mireille felt drawn to Amsterdam. She has worked as a body guard, mercenary and security consultant for various executives and diplomats. One of her clients was Dolores Cramer.

After a large number of mundane jobs, Dolores asked Mireille to retrieve some objects found at the North-South metro line construction sites. She encountered Rick Bosman and Evan Crowley who were after the same stash she was. In spite of magical prowess, Rick ended up severely beaten by Mireille. Nevertheless, both he and Evan were able to each steal one object from the stash. Mireille not merely kept this theft from Dolores she also held back an ancient Norse pendant that appealed to her.
(Aspect: Money alone cannot buy true Loyalty)

During her walks through the city at night she has come accross a strangely intelligent dog a number of times. Her recent battle with the Fomor at the New Library confirmed her suspicions that this dog is in fact a young minor practitioner: Sam Koopers.

During a number of her jobs for Dolores and some celebrities she has crossed paths with Sebastian Dijkhuis at parties, exhibitions and other social gatherings. She tends to feel calmer and less impulsive when she is in the same room with him. Something she finds disconcerting, because he she feels otherwise indifferent towards him.

Mireille de Richemont

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