Louis Lalauire

Bokour for hire


Physical Description: 6’6’’; 200lbs; tribal tattoos

Alias: Bokour; Louis Michelson; Michel Gates

Hangouts: French speaking communities; voodoo communities

Known associates: Dutty Boukman; Pa Neezer; Key Jones

Method of Operation: Broken 3rd (invading the mind of another); 4th (Enthrallment); 5th (Necromancy); has not used evocation in confit with wardens; Murder of Warden Pierre Dubois in New Orleans (Gunshot)

Responsible Warden: Simone Talbot

Date first spotted: 04/02/1911

Particulars: lacks subtly; sees himself as a holy man for hire; will break the 4th law to create a local ‘crew’

Warnings: Excellent shot – almost always carries two desert eagles; Develop mental defenses; will kills and raise civilians to provide escape route if needed; bring overwhelming force.


Louis Lalauire

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