Joyce Pijnenburg

PhD Candidate at the HHP


Joyce combines her role as advisor to the Dutch Secret Service – Strange Affairs Division with several other official and personal functions. Oh, and she’s also a Witch!


Joyce Pijnenburg is a PhD candidate at HHP. Her position has been co-funded by the Bibliotheca Philosophica Hermetica and the Institute for Culture and History (UvA). Joyce also holds a bureau for philosophy, Bureau De Filosoof, in which she combines philosophical consultancy and teaching in the history of Western mystical philosophy and esotericism.

Joyce’s research concerns Giordano Bruno’s late work The Light of the Thirty Statues and the question of modernity. Aside from research, Joyce also teaches an excursion to Rome for the UvA. Every January she explores Rome’s religious monuments and various old libraries together with UvA students in the context of her class on research practice in the history of religion and of Hermetic philosophy.

Joyce Pijnenburg

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