Johan Visser

Veteran soldier, baptized under fire


Template: True Believer

High Concept: Veteran soldier, baptized under fire
Trouble: Evil will find me
Aspects: A lifesafer, Talking to an Angel, Things could be worse, The Lord moves in mysterious ways, A tool man

Johan Visser

Superb (5): Conviction
Great (4): Alertness, Craftsmanship
Good (3): Athletics, Driving, Guns
Fair (2): Contacts, Endurance, Resources
Average (1): Discipline, Fists, Might, Survival, Lore

Supernatural Powers
Guide my Hand (-1) = Faith Manages & Spiritual Guidance
Holy Touch (-1) = Holy Touch
Righteousness (-2) = Potent Prayer & Desperate Hour

A Quick Fix (-1)
It’s a skill to repair broken machinery but to manage a quick solution with minimal means is a real gift! This stunt is like jury-rigging only not for lasting longer but for doing a repair quicker by two steps on the Time Chart.

Physical: 3
Mental: 4 + 1 mild mental consequence
Social: 2


Johan was born as an only child with a normal family in the Amsterdam Jordaan. He had a happy childhood always busy and adventuring. School was a pest and he much preferred to run around and experiment with engineering. Like his father, who was working with the Amsterdam Public Transport maintenance. When he got the chance to join the Army he did not hesitate. He was looking for something good and he got it. When he was doing an emergency repair in the field, ambushed by the Taliban, he was guided by an Angel to fix the car quickly. He found The Lord. Literally.

Current state of affairs
Johan lives and works at the workshop in Amsterdam Zeeburg on the head of the Cruquiusweg. A fellow Afghanistan veteran, Ron Werkman, owns the place and runs the business end while Johan is doing the mechanic part. They have specialized in customization and ‘special’ jobs. Ever since Johan retired from the Army in 2012 he found Amsterdam has changed. He is 27 now and he feels Amsterdam needs him. The Dig has turned up more then mud only.

People and contacts
Ron Werkman. A fellow Afghanistan veteran. His business partner and friend. Ron has witnessed Johan doing some miraculous work but doesn’t understand it’s more than what meets the eye. Sure, Johan is close to The Lord . . . so what?
Mom and Dad. Living in Purmerend after the Jordaan got yuppyfied. They are retired and get visited by Johan at least once a Month. They know he’s in The Lord. Nothing more.
Abdul el Islami. The current director of the Amsterdam Public Transport maintenance department. Former boss of Johan’s father and, aware of Johan’s sometimes spectacular mechanical work, he prefers Johan on the job when a ‘special’ case presents itself. He’s not quite in the know but there must be Gremlins!
Rikko van der Voort. A ‘Voorganger’ (priest) with the experimental church called ‘Stroom’. An innovator and renewer Rikko wants to pull in a new crowd by offering a shared religious experience. It works. He knows The Lord hands power to some people experiencing it himself and he knows Johan for working the Will of God.
Marijke Dekker. A former Army medic having served together with Johan in Afghanistan. Now working at the Emergency Room of the AMC. Some kind of love affair but Johan’s faith is making it difficult. She has witnessed Johan performing his ‘miracles’ and he explained it’s The Lord working through him. Yet, she’s not aware of the supernatural being real.
Some people from the classic car/motorcycle groups who know Johan for his expert work on vulnerable and ‘difficult’ machines.
Some people from the Army and veteran groups. He still visits the veteran meetings and other Army occasions.

Weapon of Choice
Planet Eclipse GSL paintbal marker (shooting holy water)

Preferred modes of transport

Mercedes-Benz G280 retired by the Army


Johan Visser

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