Frederik 'Ric' Bosman

Ex-Gang Banger Warden


High Concept: Ex-Gang Banger Warden
Trouble: Old ‘friends’ remember me
Aspects: Abused as a child, Under Scrutiny of the White Council, Confusing Alliances, Magic is Hard, Technology is the Devil

Physical: 4
Mental: 4
Social: 3

Superb: Alertness
Great: Fists
Good: Burglary, Conviction, Endurance
Fair: Discipline, Lore, Presence, Weapons
Average: Athletics, Driving, Guns, Stealth

Supernatural powers:
Evocation (-3)
Thaumaturgy (-3)
The Sight (-1)
Soulgaze (-0)
Wizard’s Constitution (-0)

Evocation (Earth, Force, Water)
Power (Earth +1)

Control (World-walking +1)

Rote Spells (2):
Choreia: Earth explodes upward in a localized area, damaging those who stand near
Othóni: A dense sheet of water vapor surrounds me upon casting, covering an area of about 3 meters radius, making it almost impossible to see me. It remains in the area after casting, evaporating slowly.


- Character most immediate and important relations (Parents, spouses, siblings, mentors, friends, etc.). Please name them as well.
My mother, Misuri Profijt. Ever since she devorced my father, who had abused us both, I have been very protective of her. We still live in our small flat in the Bijlmer, together with my two (younger) sisters, Dayenne and Marissa.
My Mentor, Simone Talbot, Warden of Paris. She’s a tough one, but occasionally her facade cracks when she has a few too many glasses of wine.
My father, Hendrik Bosman, who I try to keep an eye on. I don’t see him that often anymore, but it is good to know what he is up to so he can’t hurt us anymore.

- Current state of the relationship (good, bad, strained, distant, nemesis, etc.)
Mother + sisters: very good. Love them to bits.
Mentor: Neutral. She’s tough, but never hurtful. As a teacher should be.
Father: Bad, as you can expect. However, he is still my father.

- Knowledge level of the relationship (in the know, in the dark, suspecting, etc.)
Mother and sisters know nothing, which can be hard at times since I still live with them
Father knows nothing, and never should he. Although it may be fun to scare the shit out of him by dropping him in the Nevernever somtime.
Simone is clearly in the know.

- Approximate age, gender, race, culture of your character
21 and three quarters. Almost turning 22.

- Reason why he/she is in Amsterdam
Lived here all my life, but I’m also its Warden.


Frederik 'Ric' Bosman

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