Chris Tunison

White council, red court informant


Alias: none that we are aware of

Hangouts: Information is lacking…

Known associates: Family in Almere and Leuven; no known mentor

Method of Operation: suspected treason – possible red court informant; ‘minor’ wizard

Responsible Warden: Anastasia Luccio

Date first spotted: Spotted talking to a known red court agent in Paris (Pío Abascal – dead; unknown if suspect is aware) 29/08/2015 since in hiding.

Particulars: not broke a law of magic as far as we know; capture in order to interrogate over security leak; has come to light he may have a cocaine habit; self-taught was found by Captain Luccio

Warnings: treat as warlock; minor talent at all aspects of magic just enough to get into the council; possible that if in a corner will call on the red court for aid


Chris Tunison

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