Catherine Wallace

War-scarred Warden assigned to Amsterdam


High concept: War-scarred Warden
Invoke to have the skills of an experienced Warden, to know tactics etc. be able to contact and talk to Wardens, to be disciplined, to be battle-hardened
Compel to resent being sent home from the action, to be weakened by old wounds, to be constrained by the laws of magic or warden procedures

Trouble: I’ve spilt my blood in strange places
Compel to have horrible flash-backs, be succumb to addiction (alcohol), to need the distraction of action, to overreact, to be vulnerable to something that has a sample of her blood
Invoke to be understanding of weakness and struggle, empathic, to know weird places in the world and in the Nevernever, to handle horrific visions

Other aspects:
The Unseen Hand (both her actual missing left hand and her occasional pragmatic solutions to grim problems)
Invoke when using her ability to reach into things, take covert action, to do illegal things that are necessary, to be stealthy
Compel when her past actions catch up with her, when fellow Wardens do not trust her (that one time in Mogadishu…), when a flesh and blood hand would be useful, when whatever took her hand terrifies her)

Battered blade of Clan Walllace (both the sword and Catherine herself)
Invoke when using the blade Luccio made for Clan Wallace, when tradition and honour bolster Catherine, to take a stand and cry “Freedom”
Compel when she is too battered to carry on, when her strength gives out, when expectations cannot be met, when Clan Wallace calls for her aid

Ragged edge of the grey (fear on seeing Richemont and being the only, largely-unsupported, warden in Amsterdam)
Invoke to be cop rather than a warrior, to investigate, when grim determination is needed, when being a Warden is important
Compel when her superiors let her down, when there is no backup, when it is too much for one Warden, when a morally “grey” solution would be expedient, when Catherine fears the coming of war.

I have extensive files (reaction to Julius)
Invoke to have information, background on a supernatural person, situation or threat, to be able to see a pattern, to investigate, to be at ease with bureaucracy
Compel to be rigid, by the book, unable to see past the official story

Protect the people on my (new) patch (reaction to Sebastiaan Dijkhuis)
Invoke to resist supernatural threats, be pragmatic, defend mortals, mistrust her superiors, stand her ground, to be streetwise
Compel to distrust and react badly to non-mortals (until they become “her people”), to be a fish out of water in Amsterdam.

Catherine is modelled after Sgt Catherine Cawood from Happy Valley (pictured above). She does things by the book, but is well aware that her superiors are distant, unconcerned and sometimes corrupt. Nevertheless, she puts herself on the line to defend mortals. She has seen and done terrible things and lost much in the war against the Red Court and at the hands of warlocks. She smokes and used to drink much, much too much.

Superb +5 Discipline Lore
Great +4 Investigation, Weapons
Good +3 Conviction, Presence, Rapport
Fair +2 Alertness, Athletics, Stealth, Burglary
Average +1 Connections, Intimidation, Scholarship, Survival,
10-7=3 Refresh

-7 Evocation, Thaumaturgy, The Sight, Soulgaze, Wizard Constitution

Evocation (Water, Air, Spirit) Specialized Water (The Sword of Wallace, 1 item slots open)

Thaumaturgy, Specialized Divination (2 item slots open)

(?) Lawbreaker (third)


Catherine Wallace

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