Dresden Files

Novel 2 - II

After Sebastian had sated his hunger he found several messages on his phone saying that other establishments of his family where also attacked by the same creatures.

Sebastian, Mireille and Johan agreed to meet up at a restaurant in the city center to discuss what was going on and who was responsible and what it is they might be after. They agreed to call in the local wizard to see what he might know.

Mireille called Rick, over a really bad line, to meet them at the Central Library after closing time for a consultation. There was much surprise that Mireille, Sebastian and Johan all knew Rick like there was only one wizard in Amsterdam. After a bit of wrangling Mireille paid Rick 300 euros to look at her amulet with his sight to see what special about it. Rick had a very disjointed soap-opera image of an old woman turning young or a young woman turning old.

The discussion turned to asking if this amulet of Mireille’s was what these people were after. However, a Irish guy (tall, green tinged skin) came up behind them telling them that this was not the amulet. Cormack offered a bargain telling then who was interested in the amulet in return for a promised to turn a blind eye in the future. Sebastian agreed and was given an address for a building in China town.

Rick tried to open a way through the never-never to spy on the address to find that it was warded. After this the group thought it was a good idea to return in the morning.

And that they did. Rick took the lead in his Grey cloak to talk to the manager of Chinese health/cultural centre. They were taken upstairs to see the assistant manager. After an initially pleasant conversation even though they all refused the drink that they were offered. However, this soured when Rick made the blunder of not knowing who he was talking to in an official capacity, the lady was not impressed with this percieved insult. She decleared herself to be Kim Taehee the second of the jade court. After which everyone was a bit taken aback. She declared that she did not order any attacks on them but that the amulet that they seek belongs to them but says no more about it. There was also talk about a pair of creatures who used to be jade court but are no longer considered to be anything but animals. Also to correct the insult in another way when Johan mentioned about things looking human, Kim dropped her flesh mask to reveal a very mummified creature with long claws for names. Taking both Johan and Rick back…a lot so much that Rick jumped backwards out of his chair. Kim said that the court would be very grateful with the heads of the creature.

They soon excused themselves and Sebastian received a message with a time and GPS location of the pickup stop where Dolf was meant to meet his employer.

Both Sebastian and Rick were surprised at the lady declaring herself to be the Jade court as Rick thought that they were a myth while Sebastian knew of them but very little. Sebastian tried to call his grandfather to find out more but while Sebastian got through to his grandfather’s PA he was unable to answer because he was summons to Chicago. Rick had more luck with his mentor. She confirmed to him that the Jade court were real and that they had signed the accords. The reason why Rick didn’t know much is that they have never had much of a pretense in Europe and she was worried about the political problems that a new front in the Vampire War and that they should play nice to stop this. She did say that ivory might be useful but that she was not sure.

In the 12 hours that they had to prepare for the meet. Sebastian, Rick and Mireille broken into a museum in Leiden to steal ivory tipped weapons. Rick was very smug with himself was carrying out a legendary piece of magic. To open the portal directly into the part of the museum where the ivory was kept. Johan also used his contacts to get a hold of two flash grenades.

The meet takes place in the cargo port of Amsterdam. At a particular cargo container.
They turned up 2 hours early before the meet. In the time before the meet Sebastian attached C4 to the side of the container. Though a quirk of fate, the exchange started early and the group tried to bluff. They handed over a box containing ivory billiard balls to one of the two gentlemen at the meet. When he opened the box; he was not impressed as the box went sailing towards Rick’s head who countered by summoning up a heavy mist.



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