Dresden Files

Novel 2- I

One night the houses of Sebastian, Johan, and Mireille were broken into by several ruffians. Sebastian and Mireille interrogated some of the ruffians who tried to break in. They were told that they work for a guy named Dolf. Mireille left one wounded but able to call for help, while Sebastian dressed one in a tutu and left him tied to a lamppost somewhere public. Johan cased then out through stubborn pestering about calling the police. When they left he chased them on his bike.

They all turned up at Dolf’s biker bar. After Sebastian gave Dolf 20.000 in cash Dolf told them that he was employed by someone to break into their houses to look for some old books and strange jewelry. He promised to give a call when the client tries to arrange the exchange.

Soon after Dolf agreed Sebastian received a call saying that his family’s club (club air) was being attacked. The group then high-tailed it over there on Sebastian’s boat. When they arrived they found the club on fire with some people left inside. They rescued those inside and fought monsters who looked human but with long claws and slight mummification.

After being forced out of the club by the fire fighters; Sebastian was distracted by his hunger. While Johan was trying to take an unconscious lady to the ambulance she woke up and started hissing at him and walking away. Johan and Mireille followed her and struggled with her to see if she was OK. They knocked her out and put her back in the ambulance.



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