Dresden Files

Groundhog day

The accords signed and much partying later it seemed like a nice Sunday. No rain for the first time in months. A nice relaxing day.

The warden of Amsterdam received his latest update from the White Council highlighting the latest white councils passwords and latest global most wanted as his little sister ran off to buy a new TV

- a Bokour in New Orleans (Louis Lalauire)
- A refugee chronomancer (Shadya Fayza Darzi)
- Possible red court spymaster (Emine Terzi)
- Chris Tunison low level white council member and possible traitor.

Mireille was making her way to her office to be met by a guy calling himself ‘Gary’ who created a less than legit aura which was confirmed when he paid Mireille in petty cash to spy on Rick, as Gary was worried about the guy who ‘broke my nose with a building’.

Sebastian found a lovely new house to stay in until his Aunt returned to the US.

And the poor murder of a Japanese tourist by the name of Nakamura Akiko

A nice Sunday all round (except for Nakamura)…well it was the first time around, and then the second…by the 5th it was just annoying.

At least tracking down the chronomacer got faster and faster each loop. The gang followed down the lead of the chronomancer to a refugee center only to find out she wasn’t there…instead they caught a pick-pocket from Rick’s past not that she was aware of it past being punched in the back of her head. At least a family of refugees was put up in a 5* hotel room for the next week. It was also revealed that Mireille can speak Arabic!

Then it looped (again, bloody annoying) and a new plan of tracking down the chrono-magic withing alarm clock geiger counters tracked down pools of magic along the route of the ley line when it was diverted. No chronomancer but a pair of swiss tourists who are now flying back to swiss-land business class!

After no loop and the day finally turning into evening, the gang called it a day as magic is well hard. Oh, and Rick’s little sister may be a bit supernatural herself.



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