Dresden Files

For a penny more

It had taken some time, but after a couple of weeks Sebastian’s new club was finally finished. This of course was cause for a party that only a White COurt vampire can throw. No expenses were spared: the cheapest champagne on ice was Crystal, and the world’s number one DJ had cleared his schedule to play some tunes. Ladies and gentlemen in various stages of undress and inebriation were crowding the dance floor, grinding their bodies against each other. Naturally everyone received an invitation to the opening and showed up. At one point during the evening Johan spotted a large, black man eyeing him with interest. When he eventually approached him the man introduces himself as Sanya with a thick Russian accent, and tells that he is here especially for Johan. He might have a job for him in the near future and is wondering if Johan would be available. When Johan answers non-committingly the others arrive and start chatting up Sanya as well. The rest of the evening ends in a blur when wodka and caviar is ingested with fervor.

A few days later Johan is fixing his WWII ham radio when the door bell rings. On the porch stands Sanya who asks if Johan is available for this job he was telling him about earlier. It appears that there is a man in Amsterdam who might be in possession of an item that is incredibly dangerous. According to Sanya’s sources this man is planning to sell this object and he needs to know who it is being sold to, and when. Since Johan knows the city, Sanya wants him to help him shadow this man. When Johan asks for more clarification regarding the dangerous object, Sanya explains everything: how there are 30 silver coins that Judas received for betraying Jesus, how a number of Fallen angels have managed to tie themselves to these coins in order to gain access to this world who are called Denarians, and how someone handling one of the coins gets fully dominated by such a Fallen. He further explains about the Knights of the Cross, how he is one, and their mission in stopping the plans of these Denarians. Upon hearing this Johan agrees to help Sanya in whatever he needs.

Meanwhile, Mireille receives a phone call from .. asking her if she is available for a job for Dolores. The job entails that she brokers a deal regarding an important object. The PA does not know the exact nature of the object, but just wants Mireille to do the prelimenary meeting to establish threat and perform a risk analysis. The meeting is planned for tonight at 11 at the Jaagpad underpass at the Nieuwe Meer. Mireille agrees and calls Evan and Sebastian to accomapny her.

Early in the evening Johan and Sanya arrive at the house of the man than Sanya wants to shadow. Johan immediately recognises this as the residence of Adil Akchaa, the arts dealer that the group had dealings with after the bombing of the Noord-zuidlijn Expo. It is not long before Adil exits the house, mounts a baby blue Vespa and drives in the direction of the city center.



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