Dresden Files

Deathwish - III

While Johan ponders what to do with the package, Melissa floors the gas pedal. But before she makes much headway she feels the wheels of the truck slip from under her. A large puddle of water has mysteriously appeared resulting in the truck aquaplaning and going into a spin. With difficulty Melissa keeps it under control and manages to stop it from keeling over. Meanwhile Sebastian notices in the rearview mirror that Vito crawls out of his vehicle and is moving towards a parked Esso petrol truck, while Evan sees a couple of winged figures heading towards them. Johan tries to open the package, despite Mireille’s pleas and warnings not to.

It takes a few moments for Melissa to restart the truck and in that time the heroes see that Vito has climbed into the Esso truck and that the flying figures are mosquito-like creatures with a tail that ends in a pincher not unlike that of a scorpion. Even immediately suspect them to be another type of Fomor.

Sebastian climbs out of the passenger window, onto the top of the truck to intercept the creatures, and manages to outright kill one with a powerful roundhouse kick. However, another one stings Sebastian with its tail, and he feels a potent poison coursing through his veins. Mireille then decides to arm herself with a monkey wrench and screwdriver and also climbs onto the roof to assist Sebastian.

The creatures keep coming, but together they manage to ward them off. Johan climbs out from the back and positions himself in the passenger seat in an effort to shield Mellisa from any incoming attacks. But while doing so he opens himself up to an attack and is hit in the back by a pincher. Johan starts frothing at the mouth, but an angel must be riding his shoulder, because he quickly regains his composure and hits the Fomor back with a spanner, killing it instantly.

In the mean time Vito has gained ground and manouvers the fuel tanker next to the truck. He tries to ram it, but Sebastian valiantly jumps onto the hood of the tanker and punches a hole in the engine to try to grab the fuel lines in an effort to halt the vehicle. After some fumbling around he pulls on some wires and triumphantly the wind shield wipers start wiping. Vito is now seriously pissed off and tries to ram the truck once more, but makes a miscalculation and in stead veers off behind the truck while it speeds up to get away. Evan takes that opportune moment to nudge the truck some more with a push of Force, and once again Vito’s vehicle keels over, ripping the fuel tank and spilling a trail of kerosine behind it.

cool-truck-2.jpgWhile Sebastian aptly tumbles away, Mireille decides that Vito can’t get away this easily and also jumps on the hood of the tanker. She stabs him in the eye socket with a screwdriver through the wind shield, but even that is not enough to stop the juggernaught. He grabs Mireille by the arm and wrenches the screwdriver out of her hands. He looks her in the eye with a maniacal grin, and says: “Why are you fighting me? It won’t be long before you’ll be as desperate as me. We could explode together.” At that time the fuel tanker catches fire and Mireille uses the opportunity to wriggle free and jump away from the burning vehicle. While she runs away she hears Vito shout after her: “I just want to die! Why won’t you let me?”, at which the truck explodes in earnest.

The other pick up Mireille and Sebastian and quickly drive away from the scene, before any security show up. But when Sebastian looks in the rear view mirror, he sees a figure step out from the burning wreckage and briskly walk away.



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