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Deathwish - II

Vito was just barely through the door when Schiphol’s security sirens started blaring. The troupe knew that they had only a few seconds before armed personel would show up en masse. Sebastian found a blind spot from the security cameras and when they reached it, Evan conjured up a veil that would not only make them invisible, but would actively dissuade someone from noticing them. Not a second later seven security men with automatic weapons enter the floor and start searching. The heroes (?) make use of the situation and quickly slip away through the just opened doors.

On the way back home the news is already reporting on a possible terrorist attack at the Netherland’s international airport. In the following hours the news include reports of four individuals who have broken into the baggage area, and an eye witness that giving profiles to the police. The news also shows blurry pictures of the four heroes that were taken from the security footage.

contract_ledger.jpgIn the mean time the team investigates Vito’s house. They find a sparingly furnished apartment, but no Vito. No personal items anywhere, but Evan sees a household safe and manages to crack it. Inside there is a notebook completely filled with codes and dates. Several codes have been circled, and the date of the last circled code is two days away. The codes turn out to be flight numbers, and the last circled one is a Pakistani Airlines flight from Karachi, expected to arrive in Amsterdam at 12:30AM.

The next 36 hours are used by the team to prepare for another visit to Schiphol airport. A task that has gotten infinitely harder now that Holland is in a state of alert for terrorist attacks. They find out that the Karachi flight is due to land on runway A202 at which point it will immediately taxi to the offloading area where a team of cargo handlers is transporting the cargo to customs. Sebastian also finds out that there is a package on the plane that is in his name, but one that was not ordered by him or anyone on his staff. Fearing that this may be a set up by an overly ambitious family member, he is now even more dedicated to finding out what is going on. He buys a few tickets to get the group behind customs and Evan spends this time getting some excellently forged ID cards for the team.

Innsmouth_Look.jpgWhile Evan is wandering through the streets of Amsterdam waiting for his contact, he is halted by a strange fellow. Although appearing mostly human, there is something off about the man. He is over six foot tall, with a wide mouth and tiny nose. There is a faint fish smell coming off him. When he speaks it is in slow, deliberate sentences with a heavy drawl. The man introduces himself as Speak, in service of Lady Eithne. He urges Evan to stop investigating Vito, and to make sure that his companions do the same. Speak makes it clear that not complying to these wishes would be very unhealthy for Evan.

When Speak disappears into the crowd Evan immediately summons the Cheshire Cat hoping to find out more about Speak or Lady Eithne. Upon hearing that last name, the cat’s eternal grin vanishes and Evan sees a definite shudder. Cheshire has heard of Lady Eithne, and never in a good way. She’s Fae, but she’s as old to the regular Fae, as the Fae are to humans. When asked whether the Lady or Elegast would be the more powerful and win in a fight, Cheshire answers with a question: why would they fight, seeing as they are quite chummy to begin with. With that he takes his offering and disappears to Fairy.

32 hours later the troupe is heading for Schiphol again. En route Sebastian gets a call on his mobile. It’s his grandfather, who wants to know why Sebastian’s face is plastered all over the news. This is not keeping a low profile, and if he is not doing something to make this go away, his grandfather makes it clear that there would be no future in Amsterdam for Sebastian. Promising everything that his grandfather needs to hear to be satisfied, Sebastian and the team continue their way.

images.jpgEntering Schiphol and the tarmac was not such a difficulty after all. With their bought tickets and fake IDs they easily get through customs. Then, with the same veil that Evan used earlier, they slip behind the stewardess overseeing the boarding of the plane, and casually walk down to the tarmac. It then takes only an hour’s walk to get to the baggage offloading area. The lorries are already being loaded with the cargo and, after making sure the correct package is loaded, Sebastian seduces one of the truck drivers to get away with him in her truck. Evan, Johan and Mireille get in the back. Just as the girl wants to drive away, her co-driver Vito returns with her cup of coffee. Sebastian sees Vito and urges Melissa to step on it. With screeching tyres the team moves away, but Vito grabs another truck and pursues. Evan performs some epic magic and manages to force one of Vito’s wheels to jam, resulting in his truck to scissor and keel over. Meanwhile, Johan tries to find the package that this whole ordeal started out with and finds it. Removing some of the security tape shows a big yellow and black warning symbol.


Sooooo, we might just have found it really was a bomb on that cargo plane!!! And here I was, saying it was clear there was no bomb threat. That might have been true, but it certainly may be a bomb we just discovered. And a GM smiling wickedly . . . ;-)


Deathwish - II

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